Our Pies

Our pies are hand-crafted and made one at a time using ingredients that are thoughtfully chosen for their taste and quality. We try to source local, organic, and foraged when possible, and feature seasonal ingredients as they become available. Most importantly, the primary ingredient in each pie is LOVE.

We make our pies in two sizes: a 9-inch standard size, which can be cut into 6 generous or 8 regular slices. And a 7-inch lil’ pie, a smaller, cuter version of the standard size.

Pie prices range from $14 to $34.


Mmmmmmmm, butter, lard, sugar, salt, and love. Yes, we totally use lard (local from Beatty Stone Farms). Why? For lots of reasons that science can go into further, but mostly because it makes the most amazing dang flaky delicious crust. And we love our friends on the farm.

If you don’t do lard, we offer an all-butter crust for a few extra ($2) bucks. We also offer gluten-free choices in every menu. A GF pie is +$4. Also we bake in a kitchen that is full of gluten. We will take every precaution to not cross-contaminate, but if you are celiac, we recommend you talk to our friends at SIFT. If you are vegan, check out our friends at Dulceria Bakery.


How to Order

To get your hands on a pie, you must sign up for The Pie Loop.