• Do you have a shop?
    Not yet, but that is the dream we are working towards! For now, no shop, no hours. We bake out of a commercial kitchen in South Minneapolis and use The Pie Loop to announce what we are making and how you can order pie.

  • How do I order a pie?
    Sign up for The Pie Loop! On Mondays you’ll get an email with instructions on how to order pie. Exciting!

  • Can I place an order for a pie for a date? (skip the whole Pie Loop thing?)

    No. Currently the ordering system we’ve made is the one we can handle. We are a tiny shop of a few hands, and we buy limited ingredients to keep our costs as low as possible. We hope we can find a way for our system to meet your needs.

  • What’s the deal with your crust?
    Mmmmmmmm, butter, lard, sugar, salt, and love. Yes, we totally use lard (local from Beatty Stone Farms). Why? For lots of reasons that science can go into further, but mostly because it makes the most amazing dang flaky delicious crust. And we love our friends on the farm.

  • I don’t do lard. Can you make an all butter crust? 
    For sure. It’ll cost a few extra ($2) bucks, and we love our all butter crust, too.

  • What about gluten free?
    Yes, we indicate GF choices in every menu. A GF pie is +$4. Also we bake in a kitchen that is full of gluten. We will take every precaution to not cross-contaminate, but if you are celiac, we recommend you talk to our friends at SIFT. If you are vegan, check out our friends at Dulceria Bakery.

  • Do you ship your pies?
    No, it’s a you-have-to-be-there kind of thing.

  • Do you do weddings or special events?
    Sorry no. We are all about love and special things, but at the moment we are focusing on our subscribers and building our own kitchen. We’ve found that we can’t do all the things.

  • Can you add me to your mailing list?
    To keep our list as honest as possible, we ask that you do the signing up. It’s easy; visit our Pie Loop page, fill out the short form, and voilà, you’re in! From there you can always unsubscribe if you like. We want  you in the driver’s seat. No spam or pressure, just joy.

  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We love good ol’ fashioned cash. We take checks—lord help you if you bounce one. We take Venmo, and Cash app. All of these services are free to us, the small business. We also use PayPal and Square to accept your plastic-y cards, but thank you in advance for understanding if we ask you for an extra buck to help cover the cost.

  • Do you make savory pies?
    No, not right now. But yep, we think it is an awesome idea and as soon as we can pull it off, we will. It’ll be amazing.

  • Can I buy a gift certificate?
    SURE! Send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

  • How do I store the pies I buy?
    We give you instructions on the box whether it is better stored on the counter or in refrigeration. More than that, just ask! Each pie has its own personality and preference and we’d love to tell you all about it.

  • I can’t eat more pie. How else can I support you?
    Word of mouth. Tell your people about us, tell them why you like us, and why you think we are worth supporting. No script, just from the heart. That’s always the most convincing.


Still have a question?