Pie & Mighty is a pie shop without a shop. We are tiny group of pie enthusiasts who love pie, bake weekly and try to put it into as many hands as possible. We use an email subscription list to announce pie availability, flavors, and when and where to get pie. If you want to order pie from us, you’ve got to be in the loop. Sign up to be in The Pie Loop here.

We make our pies in two sizes: a 9-inch a standard size and a 7-inch ‘lil pie. Our pies are hand-crafted and made one at a time. We use ingredients that are thoughtfully chosen for their taste and where they come from (delicious and responsible). Most importantly,  the primary ingredient in each pie is LOVE.  

Pie prices range from $24 to $34.


Our vision is to create joy and comfort through pie.

We love pie and will go to great lengths to get it into the hands of the people who need it. Who needs it? We think YOU do. 


The warm & Fuzzy story

From Rachel, the POO (Pie Operating Officer):

I've always had a sweet spot for sweet things. For my dad, a meal wasn't finished until dessert was served. My grandma Lu was well known for her tall, billowy, lemon meringue pie. Growing up, I was the only kid I knew who asked for birthday pie instead of cake. At that time, Poppin' Fresh’s French Silk was the pinnacle of pie.

In February 2016, I started baking pies for friends and family, testing various crusts and fillings, and stretching my pie muscles. With my whole-career history in the restaurant industry, my heart for hospitality, and a dearth of pie shops in the Twin Cities, I thought: “Now is the time. Life goes fast, the people you love die too soon, so go on and get after what you want.” So here I am, combining my passion for pie, my talent and experience, and my sense of urgency to get after it.

Fast forward to now: I’ve moved from baking out of my home kitchen to building the business we now call Pie & Mighty. We are a tiny team of two, myself and my spouse, Karen Ratchet Mattison. We are also blessed by a mighty squad of friends and family who join us to make pie, fold boxes, fetch ingredients when our hands are all doughy, wash dishes, engage in “quality control” pie eating, and do all kinds of other supportive tasks. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!


Pie & Mighty Future State

Pie & Mighty is destined to be your brick and mortar, neighborhood pie shop and the answer to the question, “Where do you get great pie in the Twin Cities?” We’re full of pie, but we’re smart: we’re trying to take every growth step with thoughtfulness and care. Although we’re eager to shout “PIE!” from the mountain tops, we’re being careful to not grow too fast and get in over our heads.

So we’ll keep making pie, getting it to you in a variety of ways, and building our foundation so when we can invite you into Pie & Mighty the pie shop, we’ll be sure we can meet all your needs. Also, we need to save up for this fancy,  spinning pie display case ------>

Thank you so much for your excitement, kindness, encouragement, and general awesomeness.
Clear pies, full hearts, can’t lose.

pie + joy
from Team Pie & Mighty