Pie & Mighty is an occasional pop-up shop that is all about spreading joy and comfort through pie. (Okay, right now we are more like an underground pie hookup spot, but with your help, we want to be so much more!) It is our greatest pleasure to share this labor of love with every person we meet, and we will go to great lengths to get it into the hands of people who need it, like you!

Starting out, we do not have a storefront for you to visit, but that is our dream! We currently bake out of a commercial kitchen in South Minneapolis and use The Pie Loop email newsletter to announce what we are making and how you can order pie. Every day we are working towards growing our business and processes thoughtfully in a way that allows for the best heckin’ pie to be served consistently.



The warm & Fuzzy story

From Rachel, the POO (Pie Operating Officer):

I’ve always had a sweet spot for sweet things. For my dad, a meal wasn’t finished until dessert was served. My grandma Lu was well known for her tall, billowy, lemon meringue pie. Growing up, I was the only kid I knew who asked for birthday pie instead of cake. At that time, Poppin’ Fresh’s French Silk was the pinnacle of pie.

In February 2016, I started baking pies for friends and family, testing various crusts and fillings, and stretching my pie muscles. With my whole-career history in the restaurant industry, my heart for hospitality, and a dearth of pie shops in the Twin Cities, I thought: “Now is the time. Life goes fast, the people you love die too soon, so go on and get after what you want.” So here I am, combining my passion for pie, my talent and experience, and my sense of urgency to get after it.

Fast forward to now: we’ve got an amazing group of subscribers and friends in The Pie Loop. We’re building out our own kitchen and taking steps to grow slowly and thoughtfully. And we’re totally saving up for one of those fancy spinning pie cases.

Thanks for joining us. Clear pies, full hearts, can’t lose.



We are a tiny team of a dozen hands.

Rachel Swan is the Pie Operating Officer (POO) and lead dreamer of Pie & Mighty. She is in charge of all the things, namely the pie making, the writing, and the pie shenanigans. She loves connecting with the people eating her pie as much as possible.

Dr. Karen “Ratchet” Mattison is “the big boss” and the chief cheerleader of dreaming. She is in charge of pie sales, spreadsheets, and making an income and providing benefits for her family. She loves being called doctor since she earned her EdD in late 2017.

Jodi Steenson is our chief “sure, I can do that” person and is great at keeping Rachel in line.

Mark Bodkin and Alyssa Howells are our newest teammates. We can hardly wait to see what kind of awesome they will bring to the team.

We are also blessed by a mighty squad of friends and family who engage in quality control pie eating, and do all kinds of other supportive tasks. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!